Games and Don Quixote

In Jesper Juul’s post on game theory, he asked if games tell stories. In the case of most Don Quixote games do not tell any kind of story, or tell a completely different story.

Don Quixote as a very story line with many different obstacles. With all that happens in Cervantes’s book, between Quixote collecting and creating his equipment to find his side kick and going on his adventure. Someone could easily cash in on it and make a half solid game. Sadly no one has taking up the opportunity of making the first real Don Quixote game, that actually follows the book somewhat.

There are tons of games that as based off of books that people have wrote. A few examples would be Game of Thrones, almost all of the star wars games, there are a few Dracula games based off of books as well, and plenty more games. Having a story already made for a game makes it ten times easier for game developers to actually make a fully functioning and enjoyable game.

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