Don Quixote the book, was and is still an original piece of literature. In its time it was considered the first book to contain a fictional narrative, creating a path for an entirely new genre of books to be written later in time. Nowadays originality is huge, copyright laws make sure of at; almost everything from ideas, book, movies, ect. are copyrighted.

In chapter six of Don Quixote, the priest is going through Don Quixote’s library and choosing which books should be burned and which would be burned. Of those books that the priest did choose he decided to salvage the more original pieces. For example when the priest said, “First, it’s very good in itself, and second, because it’s said that an ingenious king of Portugal wrote it. All the adventures of the Castle of Miraguarda are… artfully done, the dialogues are courteous and clear, and… reflect the decorum of the person who is speaking with great propriety and understanding.” (Don Quixote 54)┬áThe priest believed that this book, Senor Compadre, was original enough to not be burned.

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